konica minolta bizhub C458 or Lexmark C923 or Lexmark XC9245

Bill Siderys Lexmark

Selecting the Correct A3 Color Copier

Many times people say all copiers are the same and there may be some truth to that statement. However, there are differences in how and what a manufacturer enables on the machine.  The Konica Minolta and Lexmark machines are the same products until you get to the operating system and supporting software.  A few items that could save lots of money on your next investment.

Does it Have Tiered Color Billing

Lexmark has gone the extra step in designing the Lexmark C923 and Lexmark XC 9245.  The addition of a tiered billing meter program allows users to track their color usage with detail not available in the past.  Konica Minolta does not include the same feature and thus keeps the end user at a disadvantage.

How Does This Help if On A Supplies Inclusvie Contract

The benefit to companies buying the Lexmark version of the Konica Minolta C458 is that the cost per page for color pages is about half that of Konica Minolta.  Since the dealer ( Like Canyon Falls Business Solutions can bill based on coverage, the payment for the majority of your color pages could be half of what you’re paying now.

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