Lexmark Parts, Service and Supplies

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Lexmark Printer Care

As with any device, it is important to take good care of things to have them last longer.  A choice was made for the product but many times follow up decisions are harder to decide. The decision itself is not difficult, but knowing where to turn for trained and certified professionals can be hard to find. It takes more than a website to manage the troubleshooting of a Lexmark Printer.  How do I know the capabilities of the services technicians?  Can they get parts or will they give me a fair response when questioned about repairing a Lexmark printer?


Printer Service

If your current provider or servicing company does not carry and sell the product line you are having serviced, you may be in trouble.  The updates and information gained from being a reseller can’t be overstated.  Service training as a reseller requirement is frequent with manufactures.  The manufacturers require this for a good reason.  Having lots of poorly trained technicians causes everyone in the process more problems than they are worth.


Lexmark Genuine Parts


Some companies try to save a few dollars on refilled toner and kits, but many times end up paying for it in the long run.  Genuine parts and supplies can extend the life of your device, cause fewer issues during ownership and overall provide for a better TCO over the lifespan.  The next time your local company is trying to sell you reman toners and parts, ask why.  WHy not OEM parts and supplies?  WHo is gaining and how does it improve my overall TCO.  If the cost of toner is the only factor, remember there are requirements for full warranty coverage on some products.


For information about Lexmark parts and service on your Lexmark Printers or MFPS Call: 317-759-2040.