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Canyon Falls Business Solutions

Canyon Falls Business Solutions offers a wide variety of supplies and service for your Lexmark Business Products.  Our office can ship a range of supply items from Lexmark or if you like, quality remanufactured supplies.  Please call us for more information or pricing.

Why Choose Genuine Lexmark Supplies?

Genuine Lexmark Supplies perform Best Together with our printers, giving you the advantage of consistent, reliable printing and professional quality results. Choose Genuine Lexmark Supplies for outstanding value, selection and environmental sustainability.

Genuine Lexmark Supplies

Designed for excellence and manufactured to rigorous standards, Genuine Lexmark Supplies deliver superior image quality and long life—the best choice for your Lexmark printer. Don’t be disappointed by unpredictable bargain-brand cartridges.

Reliable, Professional, Sustainable

Lexmark’s advanced toner and ink formulas deliver vibrant colors, deep blacks and smooth grays on all types of media. Our genuine supplies capture the finest details and produce crisp, professional documents that are sure to impress.

Lexmark’s patented print system components work Best Together to deliver long-term reliability, ultimately saving time, money and the environment. For maximum sustainability, participate in the Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program (LCCP), our industry-leading cartridge recycling program.

Genuine Lexmark Supplies are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship, or we will exchange or repair the product, giving you peace of mind.

Lexmark has a custom report to compare their toner to remanufactured toners.  And you can watch the following video to learn more: Third-Party Toner vs. Lexmark Unison Toner

Buy Genuine Lexmark Supplies

Don’t be disappointed by unpredictable bargain-brand cartridges. Lexmark printers and Genuine Lexmark supplies are designed to perform Best Together—delivering excellent print quality from first print to last.



If you want your Lexmark PRinter or Copier fixed the right way, or you want to take advantage of many of the free apps…please contact Canyon Falls Business Solutions at info@canyonfalls.net.