Box Cloud Storage: Easy and Secure Cloud Storage

April 23, 2019

Box is a cloud-based content management and collaboration platform where all work converges to help address simple and complex business challenges around security, access, usage, and internal and external file sharing.

Native to Box: Users can quickly take notes, share ideas, and work together on a single platform in real-time from virtually any device that connects to the web, anywhere. Users can create digital whiteboard environments in Box notes that are easy to utilize, organize, and share.

Share: Box offers security features that allow users to more comfortably share crucial business information.

Collaboration : Utilizing MS Office 365,* multiple users from virtually any location can open and edit the same document online simultaneously, bringing collaboration to a new level.

How to Use Box

CREATE: Easily build folders to manage access and grant sharing permissions internally as well as externally to clients so they can submit and review large files that email servers cannot support, potentially without the native software.

GOVERN: Set rules and permissions to folders and content to monitor usage and help control access. Ensure projects are on track and client or patient information is securely stored and managed appropriately.

SCAN AND STORE: Use Canon’s document capture software and compatible Canon systems*** to scan invoices, time sheets, inventories, receipts, end-of-day reconciliation reports, and more, directly to your Box folders to help ensure information is managed and security features
can be put to use.

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Bill Siderys