How to Purchase a Pre Owned Copier

July 5, 2018

Purchasing Pre Owned or Used Copiers

Purchasing a pre-owned or used copier can be a good decision if a few questions are answered.

1)Has the machine been fully restored with records showing restoration: Without a restoration process and records you may be buying someone’s else’s problems.  The cost to recondition a machine many times is higher than the value of the machine.  This cost can be transferred to the buyer without their knowledge.

2)Can the machine be put on a service contract:  Copiers have many consumables that require frequent replacement or adjustment.  With this said it is best to place the machine on a service contract especially if purchased used.

3)Who will service my machine: If you buy a machine on the internet with the claim or assumption that another company will service, you may be surprised at the first bill for repairs.  Most reputable dealers will charge the cost to bring the machine up to specifications before placing on a service contract.  This is one of the reasons to have documentation about the reconditioning of the machine.

4)Age of Machine: If the machine was not sold new in the last five years stay away as the lifespan is short.  Quality used machines can be purchased, but many unscrupulous companies will sell machines that are no longer “parts available” from the manufacturer.  These machines can quickly become a problem.

In short, if you buy from a reputable dealer in the City you are located you should have a great experiencing using used or reconditioned equipment.

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