How to Select Your Next Copier / MFP

July 5, 2018

Selecting the Correct Copier / MFP


Here are a few useful items for review before selecting your next Copier or MFP.  One of the most important items or choices in selecting your next Copier / MFP is to get the right size for your business needs. The old commercial copiers mainly came in one size if you wanted a robust set of features and a low TCO.  These models are sold by a variety of Dealers and OEM’s directly into the marketplace.  This “old” model was costly with few real choices. Unless prior research was done many machines that were “purchased” fit what the company selling them could service and maintain under contract, and not really what the customer required.

As an example, most companies do not use larger format paper (11 x 17 inch, or tabloid) yet the majority of machines sold are this size.  The percentage of paper printed that is of the large size falls in the single percentage.  So, the other 90% of users do not need a machine that prints on larger paper.

Today, there are many choices for companies to match what they actually need to what they purchase.  Most new machines of any size are loaded with robust features and low TCO.  You can get a reasonably priced machine to fit your needs, and not the needs of the company selling you the product.  Some of the “lingo” or “verbiage” that the current market uses to descript machines is “A3” and “A4”, A4 being the smaller machines.  The price of an A4 machine can be 70% less than the older machines and the cost per page is only 5% to 10% higher than the big machines.  This can be a tremendous saving on your next machine.

Canyon Falls Business Solutions Offers Lexmark Copiers / MFP’s  as an A4 Product

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Bill Siderys