Is it Time to Invest in A New Copier or MFP

July 27, 2018

If you need a new MFP or Copier Take a look below for some items to review before investing: (Also, good information when buying Used Copiers)

Paper Sizes Required

One of the biggest items that will move the TCO on your next MFP is to make sure you only buy the machine you need. New terms (at least in the US) are A3 and A4.  A3 is a larger paper and A4 is legal and letter size paper. These terms are changing the industry and how end users buy equipment.  Don’t buy a machine before checking your actual A3 usage. The check of A3 volume should be done via your own purchase orders or invoices, and not based on what the sales associate from your current MFP vendor.  The cost of a new A4 machine is normally about half or less than that of an A3.  HP, a few years back, showed that about 93% of the marketplace does not use A3.

copier used

used copier

Service Cost

The next big step in buying an MFP or copier is the cost of service and what you received for the price.  For this discussion, I will only talk about machines on a service contract.  The normal items should be included: toner, drum, maintenance kits and labor.


What you should also ask about:

1)do all the pages cost the same,

2)does thick paper cost more to print than normal paper,

3)do you have tiered billing for color printers,

4)do you charge me to ship my toner,

5)can I stock toner on-site or

5)is there auto toner ordering.



Take a look at the investment of the new copier and how critical it is to your business. Can you buy a fully remanded copier and place it on contract instead of buying new.  If you buy used, the normal response is that service is much more expensive.  The question here is why?  The parts and toner on an older machine are not more expensive.  The machines do not take more service.  At Canyon Falls you can buy new or used and get a fairly priced contract on either. Make sure you invest in what you need and not the latest flavor.


If you would like more information about how to buy your next copier Contract Canyon Falls Busines Solutions.