Lexmark Laser Printers and MFP Copiers.

April 19, 2019

Lexmark Printer and MFP Line Up allows you company to choose a wide range of award winning laser printer products for your office. The laser print speed range from 42 to 75, and are available in monochrome or color.

New revolutionary tracking software allows a tiered billing for color printing. No more getting charged for “one dot” of color on a page. Print your own letter head without breaking your printing budget.

Easy to Use Customizable Screens

Lexmark continues to impress the Industry Analyst . Recently, Lexmark Won The BLI Laser Printer & MFP LineUp of The Year. In 2019, Lexmark wins and continues to improve with printing and connectivity features.

With all the benefits and Awards, Lexmark Printers and MFP’s are a great choice for every office. Take a look at the small office equipment in this video. If your office needs to print on large format paper or 12 x 18 paper size take a look at what Lexmark has to offer in the A3 Line.

If you need Service or Supplies on your Lexmark Printer or MFP, Call Canyon Falls Business Solutions. Call 317-759-2040 today.

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Bill Siderys