New 2018 Lexmark Printers

June 11, 2018

New Lexmark Printers

In 2018, Lexmark is updating their entire fleet of printers and MFP’s.  The new products include enhancements to scanning and security.

With sturdy frames and long-lasting components, these products offer reliability, durability and duty cycles that minimize waste, enhance longevity and make service and support a breeze. Task, Lexmark’s award-winning, tablet-like interface, is at the heart of powerful, time-saving solutions* that enhance productivity, accessibility, energy savings, and user experience. Innovative connectivity options open new possibilities for integration with networks, mobile users, and even cloud storage – upping the ante on productivity. Lexmark maintains a tenacious yet quiet focus on security.  We work in the background, hardening our devices and software, earning third-party certifications and partnering with customers to enhance and augment their overall security practices. It’s a proven, decades-long, no-hype approach to help keep customer output environments safe.


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Bill Siderys