Pre Owned Copiers: Canon 5500,Canon 7500 & Canon 8585 Available.

February 19, 2020

The new series of Canon ImageRunner Advance 5535, Canon 5540, Canon 5550 and Canon 5560 are available via our Pre Owned Program. Along with the C7500. These machines are best in class offering secure wireless printing and the latest in Canon Award winning technology. Canon won Copier Line of The Year based on these great devices. Check out this Video on YouTube of the Canon C5500.

Buying a new or pre owned copier can be tricky with some dealers and direct operations. We offer a very competitive price on service on the Pre Owned Models. Also you can save up to 60% on many of our Pre Owned models. Leasing is available for all products .

We are frequently asked why a OEM or Direct Operation do not offer Pre Owned Equipment. It is an easy answer: They have pre owned, but will not sell them as the overseas corporate office needs to sell new equipment.

Another Question we are asked: Why does my current vendor not sell pre owned devices. Our Answer: That is a good question. We do not have an answer for that one.

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Bill Siderys